Control Print Costs

Print less and save money while eliminating the hassle of ordering supplies and maintaining equipment.

Get Rid of Hidden Print Costs

CDS software monitors all printing activity, shining a light on printers that were previously tough to track. You can even set up rules that direct users to optimized devices for each print job.

Optimized Printer Distribution

Organize the printing in your office to make the most of your space and your budget. We’ll search for redundancy and opportunities for efficiency so that everyone can do their work effectively.

Predict and Scale Print Costs

Save big by replacing confusing toner cartridge purchases with a simple cost per page. Accurately predict costs based on usage in real time. Streamline operating expenses by removing big toner cartridge orders.

Reduce IT Burden

Let your IT focus on bigger priorities and leave the printers to us. We’ll monitor the printers and respond to issues quickly, so your IT staff is free to do other things. They'll thank you for it.

One Source = One Invoice

If you have different printer models scattered across different departments, it can be tricky to order and manage the right types of toners. We’ll consolidate all your printers and toners into 1 easy invoice.

Save Time

With consolidated invoices, supply orders, and service requests, there are less moving parts for you to manage. Instead of ordering toner, stockpiling ink, and reconciling invoices, simply glance over your reports from CDS



Using easy to administer tools, we’ll track all of your print usage over a period of time. We’ll gather data driven insights to develop a comprehensive analysis of your usage and costs.


We’ll recommend an efficiently distributed fleet of printers based on the needs of each person in each department and even develop print routing rules if you’d like.


We’ll track each page that is printed, and provide you with a report and a single invoice for all of your usage. Our technicians will quickly respond to any issues to keep you working smoothly.

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Control your hidden costs

Let CDS take responsibility for all of your printers. We’ll track every page that is printed, and give you a low cost per page that makes budgeting easy.

Manage My Printing