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PJ X3351N

PJ X3351N

When you use a traditional projector, cables get in the way and the noisy fan can be a distraction. Ricoh's PJ X3351N standard-width portable projector can be placed at the front edge of a table, well away from the participants — so you can share information without disruption.

To protect corporate information, you want to keep guests on the guest network and employees on your secure network. You can do this easily because the PJ X3351N comes with both wired and wireless networking, so everyone can access the information they need. You can even project information from PCs and Android smartphones and tablets with Miracast projector connectivity.

  • Projection System: Single Chip Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Resolution: XGA - 1024 x 768 dpi (786,432 Picture Elements)
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Screen Size: 30" - 400"
  • Projection Modes: Front (Standard), Rear, Rear Ceiling, Front Ceiling, 360° Tilt Free

Brand : Ricoh

Category : Digital Projectors