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PJ WX5460

PJ WX5460

The more stress-free your presentation, the better — especially when you're sharing information with up to 30 people. Feel confident that every image is bright and clear with the PJ WX5460 standard widescreen projector, which automatically adjusts for wall color and corrects any image distortion.

Last-minute projector issues can throw you off your game, so prepare well before your presentation. Connect the PJ WX5460 to your network anytime. You can see if there are any issues and confirm the time remaining on the lamp. And if the lamp wasn't turned off after a meeting, you can switch it off remotely.

  • Brightness rating of 4000 lumens
  • Maximum Resolution: 1024x768 dpi
  • Contrast ratio of 2200:1
  • Screen size of up to 300"
  • Max lamp life: 4,000 hours

Brand : Ricoh

Category : Digital Projectors