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Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services are designed to make recommendations for improvement, taking output requirements into consideration, increase productivity and lower overall operating costs.  MPS provides one low price for all networked output devices providing total print management and immediate savings for your organization.

We help you find consolidation opportunities. Employees love the convenience of desktop printers, but it's often at the expense of the bottom line. Generally, a lower recommended volume on a device like a desktop printer equates to higher operating costs. By redirecting and consolidating workflow and reducing the number of desktop devices, you will discover significant savings.

We help you to standardize equipment. As organizations evolve, new devices often creep into the old device environment. This mixed environment typically increases management costs. By standardizing devices, their management is simplified.

We help you find the right site.  Strategically placed departmental devices are less expensive to operate.Right-sizing systems throughout your office will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Understanding the total cost of your output devices is key to developing a strong print management program.

To learn more about how your business could benefit from Capitol Document Solutions’ Managed Print Services, contact us today to request a review.

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