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Locked Printing & Cost Controls
Have you ever sent a document to a centralized printer and got distracted on your way to retrieve it? Or how often have you sent a confidential document to the printer and frantically raced to get it before anyone might see it? Or mistakenly printed a large job that was difficult to cancel? Maybe none of these apply to you, but perhaps you've witnessed abandoned documents on the printer and would like to curb the waste. Locked printing is a feature that is increasingly becoming a standard feature on multifunctional devices.

With this cost saving feature enabled, orphaned print jobs are no longer destined for the recycle bin, sensitive material can be held in the queue until you authorize release, or you might have a second chance to prevent jobs sent accidentally. There are more robust locked print solutions that can be added to your devices. Some technologies include features that will allow mobility, allowing users to release jobs on any number of networked devices. Other features are designed to integrate with HID cards or copy vending systems - or even provide routing or restrictions based on user defined rules.

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